Steve’s Supporters

Endorsed by King County Democrats with a unanimous vote

Endorsed by Democratic Party organization for the 48th Legislative District of Washington State

Mary Wirta

Photo with Mary Wirta

Endorsed by Washington Bikes

Endorsed by Eastside Business Alliance (EBA)

2017 EBA Endorsements

Chris Johnson, Director of Government Relations, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and Mitsuko Mitchell, Down Pour Coffee Bar business partner

“What impressed me most, besides his intelligence, was his skill in listening to all opinions, his leadership, keen focus, supportive and collaborative spirit, and a strong desire to facilitate decisions.” — Grant Goodeve, Host NW Backroads

Rosemarie Ives, Mayor of Redmond 1992 -2008
Jim Robinson, Former Council of Redmond

“I believe that Steve Fields has the best qualifications of all the candidates who have ever run for Redmond City Council. Steve’s 37 years of experience in government and business is invaluable and unmatched!” — Rosemarie Ives

“Fields’ vision is more aligned with my own and can help us be more focused on building the city we need. Fields wants to “Build Community, not Just Buildings” and he aims to have the city be more engaged with the residents of the community. These positions reflect the spirit of #ConnectingRedmond and have therefore led me to endorse Fields for Redmond City Council position 2.” — Osama Hamdan, former Redmond City Council Candidate

John Couch, Former Parks Director

Steve Fields with Nicholas Lee

Nicholas Lee, CFO for City of Snoqualmie and Treasurer with eCityGov Alliance

Susan Olk Casella, Resident of Redmond

“I worked with Steve for nearly 9 years at King County on a variety of major initiatives. Steve has an incredible ability to exercise strategic thinking, flexibility and focus in order to balance competing objectives. He is an excellent listener and consistently demonstrates integrity and value in everything he does. He never forgets about the taxpayer and detests unnecessary waste in government. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” — DeWayne Pitts, Former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at King County Sheriff

2017 Supporters

Adam Fields, Redmond
Alan Weatherhead, Bellevue
Alligra Shank
Andrew Dziedzic, Seattle
Anne St. Germain, Redmond
Art Olsen, Redmond
Atul Regmi
Barry Swanson, Kirkland
Beth Goldberg, Seattle
Bhanu Purohit, Kirkland
Blake Brown, Redmond
Bob Schulze, Kirkland
Bob Yoder, Redmond
Brent Schmaltz, Redmond
Brian Cave, Redmond
Bruce Caplan, Redmond
Carol Buckingham, Kirkland
Carrie Casanas, Redmond
Cathy Windenburg, Redmond
Cheryl Leidle, Kirkland
Chris Johnson, Redmond
Claire Pirie, Redmond
Dan Stumpf, Kirkland
Daniel Doyle, Kirkland
Dave Rumpf, Kirkland
David Grein, Kirkland
Debbie Anschell
Debbie Goodeve, Atlanta
Dennis Kirby, Anderson Island
Don Short, Kirkland
Don Wright, Redmond
Doris Townshend
Dwight Rousu, Redmond
Francine Meitzer
Gail Woods, Snohomish
Gary Bleeker, Kirkland
Gerth Randy, Kirkland
Gillen Nagy, Redmond
Grant Goodeve, Redmond
Greenlaw Linda, Bellevue
Greg Anschell
Greg Malcolm
Hadera Henoke, Edmonds
Harry Lloyd, Kirkland
Holly Placket, Redmond
James Scott, Redmond
Janet Irving, Kirkland
Janet Scott, Redmond
Jason Antonelli
Jeff Deutsch
Jim Robinson, Redmond
Joe Townshend
John Couch, Redmond
John Couch
John Cuyle, Redmond
John Konrad
John Reinke, Redmond
John Thekkethala, Sammamish
Jonathan Ives, Redmond
Joy Roush, Medina
Judy Jones
Karen Heunisch, Redmond
Ken Albinger, Kirkland
Kim Van Ekstrom
Kristen Gulley
Kristy Bear
Kyle Jones
Laura John, Redmond
Laura Lund, Kirkland
Lauren Kirby, Anderson Island
Lee Pintar, Redmond
Leroy Johnson
Leslie Haeger, Bellevue
Liao Chia-Yueh, Redmond
Linda Hussey, Redmond
Lisa Moldrem, Redmond
Lisa Sturgeon
Lonny Hecker, Shoreline
Lori Singson, Redmond
Lynn Schiftoll
Magi Harris, Redmond
Marianne Haywood, Bellevue
Marilee Cinello
Marilyn Knight, Kirkland
Mark Churchill, Redmond
Mark Greenlaw, Bellevue
Mark Windenburg, Redmond
Marlene Taylor Hutchens, Redmond
Martin Tony, Redmond
Marty Mccurry, Redmond
Mary Rumpf, Kirkland
Michael Calkins, Kirkland
Michael Tangsley
Michelle Konrad, Redmond
Mike Pirie, Redmond
Mitsuko Mitchell
Nick Zajchowski, Seattle
Paige Norman
Patrick Barthe, Bellevue
Paul Schmidt, Redmond
Peace Keenan
Rebecca Bratlien, Kirkland
Rob Casanas, Redmond
Rob Golden
Robert Dehaven, Kirkland
Roberta Domos, Redmond
Rolfe James, Clyde Hill
Ronald Woods, Snohomish
Rosemarie Ives, Redmond
Russ Sturgeon
Russell Nomi, Kirkland
Ruth Fjellman, Kirkland
Sandra Storwick, Kirkland
Sarah Chandler, Bellevue
Scott Skorupa, Kirkland
Seiko Rykowski, Bellevue
Sid Bender, Brier
Susan Carter, Bellevue
Susan Casella
Susan Fascitelli, Redmond
Susan Mccurry, Redmond
Suzanne Pintar , Redmond
Taylor Houtchens Marlene, Redmond
Terry Tripp, Seattle
Tj Saigo, Redmond
Tom Hinman, Redmond
Tom Taylor, Seattle
Tracey Christine, Portland
Trent Burns, Bellevue
Val Ketneri, Redmond
West Cynthia, Seattle
William Wurtz, Redmond
Wilma Bartel
Winnie Kwan, Bothell

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