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Why Vote for Steve Fields

I am Steve Fields and I am asking for your vote for Redmond City Council, Position #2. I have lived in Redmond for over 30 years and enjoyed a pretty wonderful life! I want to further my active role in our city government and work to ensure a future that benefits all the people who call Redmond home.

Our City Council matters to our lives and our future. City Council determines the policies that create the direction of our city. I am running for council because my skills, knowledge, and experience are geared toward helping the Council be more effective. I will bring a career’s worth of relevant experience and an independent voice that will ask the tough questions and promote a better quality of life for everyone.

My work at King County and the City of Seattle in the Executive offices where I worked across all functions of government has well prepared me for this important role in our city government. I guided elected officials on policy, budget and operational improvements. I advised department heads and their staff to help make government perform better. I know how local government functions; what is working well and what needs to change. I am also a small business owner with my wife. Running a family owned business in Redmond can be challenging and I am very familiar with these challenges. All this combination is the experience that no other candidate brings. This makes me uniquely qualified to drive Redmond City Council forward. We live in a cutting-edge community and we deserve no less than the best!

Elected Leadership Qualification

City of Redmond Mayor Candidate in 2015

  • Met with thousands of residents and community groups
  • Gained deep insight and perspective of Redmond issues and resident’s needs

Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget in King County, Seattle, WA.

  • IT Governance Finance Committee chair in King County for 10 years
  • Developed and monitored Strategic Technology Plan, Department IT Business Plans, and established countywide IT policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Advised King County elected and appointed officials on policy and operational issues
  • Leadership roles supporting elected officials in Homeland Security, Flood Control Zone District, Ferry District, Emergency Planning and Recovery, Major Capital Projects, Business Systems Development, Budget and Strategic Planning decisions

Budget and Financial Management Qualification

King County, Seattle, WA.
Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget Manager

  • Led Executive Office guidance on performance, strategy, budget and community engagement with King County departments and agencies
  • Guided the Strategic Technology Plan, IT Business Plans, policies, procedures and guidelines as the IT Governance Finance Committee Chair

Sundstrand Data Control, Redmond WA
Finance and Pricing Manager

  • Directed division budget and finances, developed marketing strategies for aerospace products including avionics and instruments for commercial and government customers
  • Major negotiator for delivery of advanced technology solutions for government agencies

Martin Marietta Aerospace, Denver CO
Business Manager

  • Managed business proposals for defense and space programs ranging from $1M to $400M

Western Wireless, Bellevue, WA
Finance Manager

  • Developed and managed performance metrics systems for wireless company, including call center data, system performance, and asset management

Engineering Firms, Bellevue, WA

  • Successfully provided consultations to engineering firms to form profitable business agreements that complied with government regulations and accounting standards
  • Advised on federal, state, county, and city jurisdictions in areas of contracts, financial management, and procurement regulations

Project Management Qualification

Department of Executive Services in King County, Seattle, WA.                   
Project Manager                                            

  • Designed, developed, and implemented budget system to prepare $5B annual budget.
  • Trained in PMBOK methodologies, Lean Six Sigma, and Government Management.
  • Designed countywide performance management solution.

City Budget Office in City of Seattle, Seattle WA.           
Strategic Advisor/Business Analyst

  • Managed projects for citywide budget system implementation
  • Led budget preparation improvements for City Budget Office
  • Established strategic guidelines for city-wide performance management capabilities

Martin Marietta Aerospace, Denver CO
Business Manager

  • Business development and project management for multi-million dollar classified projects
  • Delivered advanced technology solutions to federal space and defense agencies

Western Wireless, Bellevue, WA
Finance Manager

  • Established Program Management Office to oversee and standardize project management methods for engineering department

Environmental Sustainability Advocate

I am inspired by people from all over the world who protect our planet and take actions to ensure environmental sustainability. Highlights of my environmental experience:

  • As a Redmond Mayor candidate in 2015, I worked and consulted with Sustainable Redmond and other local experts to better understand the issues facing Redmond and where current practices and decisions are threatening our environmental health
  • Consulted with major engineering firms on environmental cleanup projects, such as Yucca Mountain, Hanford Nuclear Site, and Small Business Innovative Research Grants for the Department of Energy, FAA, and Environmental Protection Agency
  • Executive Office at King County in the Office of Performance, Management, and Budget. Key policy initiatives and projects included:
Established more Efficient Hybrid Busses Improving Transportation Planning
Air Quality and Climate Change Hazardous waste
Waste and Recycling Water and Land Resources
Flood Control Zone District Watershed Strategy
King County Parks Strategy Grants for Environmental Sustainability
Facilities Management and Energy Efficiency
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