Traffic and Transportation

Redmond City Government MUST immediately take actions to improve our capability to move in and around our city centers and neighborhoods. We are growing past our capacity to handle the impact of traffic congestion with the current infrastructure and transit capabilities. This is an immediate priority. Our prosperity, health, and well-being greatly depends on the effort and time it takes to get to all those places that make our everyday lives enjoyable and successful.

Our downtown areas are very fragmented. We need to improve our spatial planning and make typical trips more convenient and less spread out.

There are also things we can do immediately to make things better such as investment in information technology to inform commuters on real-time traffic issues and placing better visual cues for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to improve traffic flow.

Housing Affordability and Homelessness

The lack of affordable housing has high costs in health, environmental degradation, transportation, and homelessness. Our goals should be to ensure a strong, mixed-income, diverse community that is economically viable and will support the housing needs for everyone who lives or wants to live here. All potential ways to close the affordability gaps should be considered. Some of these ideas may not have been desirable in the past such as mixed housing across our neighborhoods, public funding and subsidies, or partnering with large employers. But the consequences of not addressing this issue aggressively are too significant to ignore.

Homelessness is a regional issue that will require combined leadership across all levels of government, non-government agencies and businesses to find the locations and services to get people off our streets. The people who live in our community without homes require a variety of different services working together to meet these needs.

Just the availability of a shower and breakfast is the chance to begin a new life. Day centers are a relatively inexpensive way to help those who want a better chance for a new start each day. We need to improve our partnerships with regional jurisdictions and our local charities to further our outreach to people who need help. One of my favorite Redmond non-profits is Open Kitchen. The model and values they use makes everyone feel welcome to share a meal. Dignity is an important element to help people change their lives and their circumstances.

Environmental Sustainability

Preserving the environment is pivotal to why I am running for a Council Position in Redmond. Many People feel we have lost our environment-first attitude in managing growth, and I can cite far too many cases where residents and small-business owners have been adversely affected by the city’s lack of concern for environmental sustainability. Development projects in Overlake, Downtown, and North Redmond continue to be completed with priority for developer convenience over our neighborhoods and their surrounding nature. In addition. we need to develop much stronger and more forward thinking local Government. It has become clear that our Federal Government is on the verge of breaking down. The recent election cost over $6B with the result of a much more divided and less responsive Federal Government. Our environmental protection, public health, transportation, social justice and education needs will continue to look more toward local government to resolve as our Federal Government continues to be ineffective and indifferent.

Find out more about my positions on:

  • Climate change VS Pollution control
  • The relationship between local economy and environment
  • Waterways protection
  • How infrastructure decisions help to reduce transportation pollution

2017-Environmental Issues

Better Support for Small Business

I am a small business owner in Redmond and I am proud of the contributions we make to our city. Small businesses spur growth and innovation, provide employment opportunities, and attract the talent who brings new ideas and new products to the market. They are important to our local economy and create much of our character, charm and unique identity. While it’s exciting to see new business come to Redmond, it’s also sad to see some of the small businesses we have enjoyed over the years get squeezed out. I believe that we can do a better job supporting both and I will champion the needs for small businesses and insist on a stronger focus on the needs of small businesses.

Public Safety and our Growing Crime Rate?

The increase in our crime rate is primarily property crime and fraud. Both types of crime can be reduced by increasing awareness of how these crimes are committed and provide educational outreach on crime prevention methods. For example, bank account or computer fraud can be reduced through outreach programs that educate citizens and help them to be aware of typical scams.

Drug addiction continues to sky rocket in all Western Washington communities and has resulted in large increases in property crime. Redmond needs to better understand the cause and effect relationships of property crime to drug use and identify where preventative methods will work best.

Ensuring that there are enough officers with the latest technology and equipment in our police department is essential to both preventing and solving crimes. Redmond is a relatively safe community but the growing property crime is just not acceptable.

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